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Nice that you have found us. We would like to introduce ourselves briefly:
ArchaeoBW GmbH is an archaeological service provider from Baden-Württemberg. Founded in 2016, we have so far carried out over 180 projects throughout Baden-Württemberg. For our projects we are always looking for archaeologists, excavation technicians, excavation workers, students and interested people who want to carry out archaeological and architectural archeology projects throughout Baden-Württemberg with us. We deal with every era and almost all types of excavation.

The essence of every excavation is the excavation team. Only with a well-rehearsed, experienced and competent excavation team can projects be carried out efficiently, professionally and safely.

So do not hesitate. Apply for one of our vacancies or register directly in the ArchaeoPool. If you do not want to "reveal" data at first, you can also use our JobAlert to be informed directly when a suitable project is in your area.


Our tasks: Our tasks include everything related to an archaeological excavation. Advice and planning of the project, implementation and processing for archiving at the Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Baden-Württemberg. The projects range from the construction site of a simple single-family home to large-scale projects such as the development of new-build and commercial areas or linear projects such as rail and motorway routes.  

We have set ourselves the task of working with the highest possible quality and efficiency, i. e. where everything used to be hand-drawn in the past, today we use photo drones, cameras, tablets and tachymeters so the work in the field is done faster and the site is released as soon as possible. In order for a fast completion of the documentation each excavation team also includes team members for small finds and data processing in our branch offices.